Friday, May 7, 2010


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Slow month take off

Nothing too exciting so far this month poker wise. I decided to reduce the amount of tables I am playing from 9 to 6 with the plan to play less auto pilot and therefore not only to concentrate more on some leaks I still have but also to try out other lines in certain situations. The plan works out pretty decent up to now. My confidence in my game comes slowly back and it is always fun to try out new things at the tables. I am just thinking a lot latley about the game in general, had this week already two good sweats and on top of that watched a vid from Split. It is pretty cool that he is now doing vids for Card Runners after Stox Poker got shut down since I realy like the stuff he is publishing. So everything together a lot of things which will improve my own play a lot.

Besides this it seems there is although some improvement in my mental game. Yesterday I checked out my current results at NL50 and I realized I am down ~$700 from my peak in March. The good thing is I am not upset about this nor feel sorry for myself. I know I have just a rough time and that this part of the game. There is no reason to stress myself to get it all back fast becasue that is not how it works in poker. There are times where nothing works your way but that is just short term. We can not influence the results in poker but the thign we an influence is the way we play. So just make the right decesions and everything even out in the long run. Ít took a long time for me to realize this but I am happy to be now a lot closer to the mind set needed in poker.

Today is the start of the 16th Mini-FTOPS. I will play in event #1, a $20 No-Limit Hold`em tournament. From my experience in the past I think the field will be around 6k entrants with a first price of ~$25k!
Ship it one time please lol.

Not sure yet about tomorrow. I will probably play the the $10 Rebuy (event #5) but I am not sure about the $20 Turbo Rush (event #6) yet. The field is probably pretty weak since a lot of people play aweful in a turbo structure (blind levels are increasing faster than normal) and it is although Rush, a variation which seems to attract a lot of fishs latley.

In case I bink the tourney today you guys are the first to be knowing it ;)

Sigh final exams are in four days, I am happy when I have this shit behind me.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Report April

April is finally over and I am not too sad about it. Just another awful month.

My little venture at NL25 came to a quick end after I dropped 6BI in my first session - 4BI under EV.... So I jumped back to NL50 and was somewhat lucky to end the month with a very marginal win after gruelling long session at Friday.

On a side not I did not play any rush but for some straneg reason HEM thinks so and tracked some NL25 hands from normal tabels as Rush hands. But whatever.

At least I made a decent amount with Rakeback over the 36k hands I played in April (never played more hands before).

I although played three tournaments at Friday. Not too much to say about them. Busted out early in the $5.50 Turbo with TT < AA. Got a little deeper in the $8.80 one but busted out of the mone there, too. Preflop I 3b AA in LP vs a EP open raiser. He flats, board is 78Tr, he checks, I shove the rest of my stack (~75% pot) and he calls with JJ. Turn is a J and GG me. Not that far away from the money. My deepest run I had in the $11. Got there ITM pretty easy with an average stack even I splitted a key hand earlier where I got AQ vs A8 AI on an ace high flop and he luckboxed a split pot on the river. In my final hand I shove TT vs a donk ( he calls one orbit before my resteal with Q6 vs my 99 and obv we split by the river) who got a caller behind him. He made of course the call for most of his chips with K8s and the cold caller came although along with 99 (lol). Board is J4JKx and I am out for a minimum cash.

When you run bad you just run bad everytime everywhere I guess.

No real goals for May since I will have to invest some time for my final exams so there will be not that much poker in the first 12 days. Besides this I want to write a raw version of the COTW (Switching Gears) I signed up for June. Otherwise I am looking forward to the Mini-FTOPs this month and maybe I can run good there one time. We will see.

My shedule will look like this I think:

#1 $20+2 NLHE (Fri 7th 13ET)
#5 $10+1 NLHE Rebuy (Sat 8th 15ET)
#6 $20+2 NLHE Turbo Rush (Sat 8th 17ET)
#19 $20+2 NLHE 1r1a (Thu 13th 13ET)
#22 $20+2 NLHE 6max (Fri 14th 13ET)
#23 $50+5 NLHE 4x Shootout (Fri 14th 17ET)
#26 $10+1 PLO Rebuy (Sat 15th 15ET)

This will might change and I will add or leave out some of them depending if I have the time to play.