Sunday, January 31, 2010


On the verge of my twenty-second birthday I want to take a few minutes to look at where I am at. In the last year I have gotten back into poker / been serious about it for the first time in my life. While I never dwell on decisions, there have definitely been moments where I have wondered why I choose to make life more difficult than it has to be.

I think this is supposed to be some sort of turning point, or that one is forthcoming. The one where the light switch turns on and my chronic underachieving and general apathy turns into focus. The focus though, cannot be artificial, I know it must come from wanting to better myself, not wanting things. Many of the people I know and used to look up to, I now realize fall into the latter half, funny how they can achieve something I want with reasons I think are completely wrong.

Anyways, this is a poker blog.

For myself, though poker is a game where improvement should come every time one thinks about it, I really seem to have plateaus somewhat in my development. Sort of like my graph, slightly over b/e then a jump... rinse, repeat. I know what I feel are the big jumps, are actually a culmination of ranging improvements, but being able to 3b flops, flat c/r and raise turns etc take a good deal of confidence to follow through with.

January was a good month. Did not play until like the 23rd ran hot as hell made 4k, hoping run good continues.

- February Goals -

100k hands.
+4pt wr.
workout every once in a while.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Review/February Goals

OK, it is time for my monthly review since I take this weekend off pokerwise. So here it is:

I had a bit of a rough start into this month but nothing really to worry about. After this short episode I caught a very nice upswing. But then I had one session when I went on tilt and blew some BI. It is pretty easy to see in the graph where that happend. But besides that I am happy with January. It is my best month ever at the cash tables so far while my confidence into my game grew slowly but steady this month. Of course I find still enough spots where I did not take the best line.
But instead of being upset with that like in the past I am now excited about the complexity of Cash Game Poker and how there are always spots to improve. So it is a good thing to remember myself that I still have much to learn even I improved a lot this month since I worked really hard on my game. And it is nice too see this work paid itself off.

So here is my graph just for NL25:

The first thing I am really happy about is my red line. It is way better then anytime before even it is still not great. But I find my blue line decent, too. I definitively found the fold button way more often in January in spots where I had to do and therefore stopped my POW magic lol.

And here is my overall graph with the summary of the different stakes:

So I played a bit off NL10 in the beginning of the month since the NL25 tables were so meh most of the time. But after Full Tilt increased the minimum table buy in they are better then anytime before. So no more dime for me next month. The few NL2 hands happend when I rearranged my HUD. But it wasm nice to win a cheeseburger in just 1,5 orbits lol.

My goals for this month were:

[ x] Stop spewing!
Yeah. Besides my tilt session and some minor pay offs I did not spew in January.

[ x] Clear $125 Iron Man Year End Bonus
Ship the free money!

[ x] Play 25k hands

[ x] Improve your red line
It is better but still space to improve.

[ x] Keep Iron Man Gold status
I booked this, too.

So everything more or less achieved and here are the goals for February:

[ ] Stay calm and focused everytime you play.
I caught myself to be mindless and therefore sloppy with my game when I grind sometimes. Since this is a safe route to burn money I need to stop that. I am yet not sure how do achieve that but I will hopefully find a way.

[ ] Take shots at NL50.
I think I am finally at a point where I can try to do so. My bank roll is big enough to make this step and I have no problem to move down again when I fail.

[ ] Play 20k hands. 75% at NL25 and 25% at NL50.
Since February is such a short month and I will play just 4-6 tables when shot taking NL50 compared to the 8 tables I play normally at NL25 that goal seems reasonable.

[ ] Get at least Silver in the Iron Man Challenge.
Looking at the goal above this one seemsmore realistic then aiming another month for Gold.

That was everything for now. I hope you will all have a great month in February and I hope I will have some time/motivation to blog here a bit more then I do at the moment lol.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January and Travel

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I updated.January as usual,is not good Poker-Wise.I'm running bad and playing bad as well.Nothing I can do on the former,but lots of things I could do on the latter.I'm not gonna whine about the number of set over set I have encountered this month,because it's just plain retarded.Lots of things I can do regarding the latter.

I've been grinding too much for my level and not doing anything about it.Just plain grinding which is bad.This week,I'm gonna start reviewing my session and discuss about it within the forums and the chatroom.I am guilty of not doing anything much about improving my game in terms of watching videos and reading strategy posts as well.So I gotta pick up on that this week.Mostly this is due to Time-Management.I am not using my time efficently.My sleep schedule is different from week to week,and I'm pretty sure I do useless things when I'm awake apart from grinding.I'm definitely gonna write up something about time management on a piece of paper.

On to the Travel Topic.2010 is going to be a good year for me in terms of Travel.Hopefully,I'll be able to visit lots of interesting places.Before heading back to Asia this summer,I am planning to see Paris,Lisbon,Barcelona and Italy.I will need to grind really hard to afford this trips.
Its not gonna be cheap.I'm gonna stop by Jordan,Syria and also United Arab of Emirates during May as well,then back to Kuala Lumpur(home).On the course of being back in South East Asia,I would like to stop by Borneo Islands,Bali,Thailand,Vietnam and Cambodia.Easy to mention the countries without having the Money!So Poker Gods,do your Job and make me a luckbox or better yet,a donkament win!

All for Now.Thanks for reading.
good luck!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


January should so far be my best poker month to date. I have put in the most volume I have in one month (thanks to Winter Break!) however I have run like absolute shit for most of the month. I know every poker player likes to think they run the worst - but this has been really awful and frustrating.

Here is the EV graph for the month thus far:

Now I know even EV adj my winrate is not so impressive. My excuse is basically 24-tabling and frustration about running bad. I've also tried to experiement and make some adjustments throughout. I feel overall I can win at 3.5ptbb while playing 16+ tables. This is reflected in the prettier slope near the end of the graph. This is mostly due to a few preflop adjustments I've made recently.

Hope to run better. This is getting old.

Good luck all. Cheers

Sunday, January 17, 2010

January is halfway over.

Hey guys,

Though I have not written in a while, I would like to keep this guy goin forward with all of us. Mostly my lack of posting has been due to my semi-vaca from poker, however this week I finally began my crusade on 2010.

Things have been going quite well, all the adjustments I have really thought out are helping my game significantly. I know FTP is softer @ ssnl, I am hoping the 200 and up games are profitable so not to be forced into early NLH retirement. By all means though I am not trying to get ahead of myself, as almost certainly I can forsee myself getting it handed to me when I move up again, but it would be nice if games stay reasonably profitable for a while :).

Future plans:

50k hands per week till Feb, 2.5+ptwr.
Feb continue on 100, get into 200.
Build roll on stars and hit Nova ASAP.
Learn PLO prob starting @100.
Possible SNE run if good at plo ?

Hope everyone is doing well in 2010 !


Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to real life

So I am official back to real life with today being the first office day for me this year . I really enjoined the last three weeks I had vacation. It is just so much better so sleep until noon, then firing up some tables and chatting in the chatroom and/or in the forum and then playing some more poker until hanging out with my GF in the early evening.

But now I am sitting here from 8AM to 4PM again and just hate it lol. I really hope I reach my poker goals this year and can make poker my profession from 2011 on. I can not see myself forever in that soul reaping job I am in at the moment.

Pokerwise this month is pretty meh so far. I am with ~8.9k hands in pace for the prop bet which is good but I am only a bit over break even so far (1/2 NL25 and 1/2 NL10). But after some reallly good sweats (espically the one with andrew ;) ) I have at least a pretty decent idea where my leaks are at the moment. Now I only have to get myself into plugging them the right way.

That will be maybe not that easy because I have simply not that many time to play/study/watch Stox vids like I want to. But well, with a bit time managment I should find some space in my shedule to do so.

On another note I am (and pretty much every other reg I guess) still waiting for Full Tilt to increase the minimum table buy in. They announced to make that happen this month after they failed to make it in December. But I have some doubt we will see this change very soon.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Year end review / Welcome in 2010

So 2009 is over and pokerwise I am not too sad about that.

Of course it was an interesting year and a lot happend. I started with playing Double or Nothing SnG on OnGame before I switched to Poker Stars in early Summer and played there 90man SnG and some Stud Hi. But this was just a pretty short peroid before I made the move to Full Tilt. And after I played there some more Stud Hi and LHE I finally concentrate on FR cash (even I had in September a short visit at 6max) since July.

But December was just a month to forget. My results are okay but could be so much better. But I screwed it up playing awful a.k.a. spewtastic poker. I really never played so worse like I did most of the month. I have not really a clue why I did so but I do not want a month like that again for sure.

At the last week I had to mix in a lot of NL10 to get the volume I needed for the prop bet. The tables at NL25 were just awful. So I made the prop bet even it was very very close at the end and I am happy to split the $300 price pool two ways for a nice little side income.

So lets see now how I did in December overall.

December Goals:

[X] Have finally a winning month (before RB). Even it could be way better like 3.5pt at NL25 and around 4.5-5pt at NL10.

[X] Play 25k hands. Yea and I am happy about that.

[ ] Improve overall as player ( posting hands, reading COTW, etc.) Big Fail

[X] Table select as good as I can. Meh somekind. It is just hard sometimes to do so proper

On the positive site is that my red line is a little bit better. After some great help I found out that I have two major leaks which are the reason for my hughe red line losses. I work hard to fix them now. And I reseted my HUD. Some parts of it are now color coded which helps my game a lot. I although optimized my preflop play a bit and it is now a bit better.

So here are my goals for January:

[ ] Stop spewing!
[ ] Clear $125 Iron Man Year End Bonus
[ ] Play 25k hands
[ ] Improve your red line
[ ] Keep Iron Man Gold status

And here are my goals for 2010:

[ ] 20k in winnings (RB and Boni although count)
[ ] Move up to NL50 until March
[ ] Move up to NL100 until July
[ ] Take shots at NL200 from November on
[ ] Have a positive result overall in tournies
[ ] Learn 6max
[ ] Learn PLO

I know that are pretty big goals but I like to set myself such ones. I believe the only thing which still stops me to excel at Poker is myself. So with the right mnd set and enough hard work I think I have a real shot to reach all these goals.

I wish a happy new year and an awesome 2010 a the tables and in real life to all my co-contributors of this blog and its readers!