Sunday, May 2, 2010

Report April

April is finally over and I am not too sad about it. Just another awful month.

My little venture at NL25 came to a quick end after I dropped 6BI in my first session - 4BI under EV.... So I jumped back to NL50 and was somewhat lucky to end the month with a very marginal win after gruelling long session at Friday.

On a side not I did not play any rush but for some straneg reason HEM thinks so and tracked some NL25 hands from normal tabels as Rush hands. But whatever.

At least I made a decent amount with Rakeback over the 36k hands I played in April (never played more hands before).

I although played three tournaments at Friday. Not too much to say about them. Busted out early in the $5.50 Turbo with TT < AA. Got a little deeper in the $8.80 one but busted out of the mone there, too. Preflop I 3b AA in LP vs a EP open raiser. He flats, board is 78Tr, he checks, I shove the rest of my stack (~75% pot) and he calls with JJ. Turn is a J and GG me. Not that far away from the money. My deepest run I had in the $11. Got there ITM pretty easy with an average stack even I splitted a key hand earlier where I got AQ vs A8 AI on an ace high flop and he luckboxed a split pot on the river. In my final hand I shove TT vs a donk ( he calls one orbit before my resteal with Q6 vs my 99 and obv we split by the river) who got a caller behind him. He made of course the call for most of his chips with K8s and the cold caller came although along with 99 (lol). Board is J4JKx and I am out for a minimum cash.

When you run bad you just run bad everytime everywhere I guess.

No real goals for May since I will have to invest some time for my final exams so there will be not that much poker in the first 12 days. Besides this I want to write a raw version of the COTW (Switching Gears) I signed up for June. Otherwise I am looking forward to the Mini-FTOPs this month and maybe I can run good there one time. We will see.

My shedule will look like this I think:

#1 $20+2 NLHE (Fri 7th 13ET)
#5 $10+1 NLHE Rebuy (Sat 8th 15ET)
#6 $20+2 NLHE Turbo Rush (Sat 8th 17ET)
#19 $20+2 NLHE 1r1a (Thu 13th 13ET)
#22 $20+2 NLHE 6max (Fri 14th 13ET)
#23 $50+5 NLHE 4x Shootout (Fri 14th 17ET)
#26 $10+1 PLO Rebuy (Sat 15th 15ET)

This will might change and I will add or leave out some of them depending if I have the time to play.

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