Friday, March 5, 2010

Bday, real lífe ramblings, month take off

My bday party was pretty cool. So on Monday I went out to dinner with the GF and my very close friends at this realy nice restaurant near my home. It has this NYC style - brick and motrar look, some cool wood interior and some smooth Jazz music in the background . Maybe a bit hard to explain but I hope you get my point. And they have a hughe bar! Which ended with me having already two coktails before I got my entree and a third before I finished dessert. Good times.
After this we went to a bar to far away. It is not a gorgeous place by any meanings but the alcohol is not that expensive and they have a separate smooking room. Non smooking bars sucks! A few Barcardi Sprites (one of my favorite long drinks) and a few more Tequiallas later I had a realy good time with some very interesting discussions about politics, sports and life in general. I was home at like 3AM - glad I had the next day off from work lol.
Well, I spend some money on the night but is was worth any penny. It is just great to have all of your important non family people around you and just having a good time. Especially that will not happen again in the near future. My best friend traveled the next day to Australia the next day for one year. This was the reason the party started already on Monday evening even I had birthday on Tuesday. I hope he will have an amazing time there!

I am happy when I finish my job training this June. The last ~3 years where just meh. I lived on a very thight budget while doing nothing I realy enjoy. I mean it is not the worst job in the world by any meaning but it just nothing I am in love with. Even I am glad to see the end of this life period this leads into the next problems. I have just no real clue what I will do after it. I could go the safe route and take the job offer I have from the company where I am at the moment. This means a poor paid half-time position for at least one year. Which means to live furthermore on a tight budget while searching for a somewhat nice flat (want to move thogether in with the GF from August on).
Besides this offer it seems the job situation is pretty bad right now. I will get a good graduation so this is not the problem. There are just not that much open positions! And even I would find something decent it is just not realy what I want to do longer than I have to. In my opinion working only for the money without passion for the work is just soul reaping in the long term.
So what do I want instead of grinding the office life? Well, obviously grinding the tables! I know playing for a living is note like heaven on earth. It contains a lot of up and downs and is just a hard way to make an easy living. But the idea of playing someday professional is in my mind for a few years now and finally it seems I am somehow on the right route to archive this. The only argument against taking this route is the fact I have no savings. But without money on the side for 3-6 month life expenses going pro is a pretty meh idea.
It looks like I have to get a job I will hate not too much after the final exams and save some money first. So sick.

Just in case you every wonder how the office life is:

I had a pretty good take off into March. Like always I have the strong feeling it could be better. It is funny when so many people congratulate you on your improvment and you self have the feeling you still sucks sometimes bad and only win because there are people out there who just sucks way more than you do. It is not like I have a low confidence. I am just very competive. When I do something I want to be the very best at it. This is like I always was. Applied to Poker this means I want to one of the best at every limit I play and not just a slightly winner or even worser a rakeback / FPP pro. Am I already one of the best? For sure not. Do I have the ability to be at that stage someday? Maybe. Time will tell. Will I do everything I can do to archive this goal? You can bet on this!
That said I am happy with the start of this month and hope the rest of the month will be that good, too. But in Poker only the longterm counts so I will forget about results and only try to make the right decisions every time I play for the rest of the month.
That said I am in pace right now for my volume goal this month but today the whole family will come over and celebrate my and the birthday of my younger brother (he went 20 on Monday) so not too much Poker today and no clue how much I can play at the weekend. We will see.


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