Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Worst day ever

Yesterday I had my worst poker day ever in terms of losing money/BIs. I lost ~5.5BI (i.e. $275) in only ~1.7k hands.

I should realized it will be not my day at the tables when I joined a 2+2 reg at some tables where he sat alone and I lost a quick 2BI to him cause some coolers. Too bad I got 2x AA and 2x KK in the first 60 hands of our little HU match and he folded every time preflop. Well, nothing you can do and it was a good match vs him. Maybe I run next time better lol.

But this was just the start for a pretty brutal day since I just lost a bunch of pots after he finished our HU match. I think the biggest pot I won the whole session was ~40bb while I got a total 11 times AA alone (got although a good amount of TT-KK) and flopped every other hand a set (nearly 18%). But when you run bad you run bad and even you get some decent/good hands they held not up until the river or someone has just a better hand than you.

A pretty funny hand was the one when a 10/7 guy cold call a 3bet in the blinds from me after I reraised a regish guy with AKs (he folded). Flop came K52 which gives me TPTK and the nut flush draw. I cbet, he check raised and even I had already an odd feeling I shoved for the rest... he had 22 and it was runner runner brick for me.... I have no clue why a nit set mine here OOP with the orignial raiser still left to act. That is just so bad but whatever. GG him.

The thing I am really proud if is that I stayed complete under control and had a cool mind regardless of the beats and coolers I got. I think it is safe to say I played a really decent game in this session and that is all what matters. So good I did not started some tilt spew on top of it.

But this downswing has a bad timing. I have only today and tomorrow left to get back over $0 in total earnings this month or I will lose another $150 in the prop bet I am running this month again. That is pretty sick since after last Friday I was down only $14 and was pretty sure to get back in the winning zone with 3 days left (the weekend was a poker free one). But now I am down $300 for the month and I can not really see getting it back since I will play maybe 3-4k hands today and tomorrow. So unless I am running stupid hot from now on there is the high chance to fail the prop bet on the winning side - I have already 26.8k hands down so I will get the minimum 28k hands for sure.

This is already pretty long again so here the cliff notes:

-First downswing of the year (~13BI at the moment)
- still in a good state of mind
- will probably fail in a prop bet for another $150

I will keep focused, play my best and minimize my losers until the tide changed. Nothing else I can do.

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