Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Review / March Preview

And another month is in the books for 2010. Bring on March now!

My 23rd birtday is right behind the corner. I am not really into celebrating my birthdays too much. They just remind me that I am another year older and still wasting too much time and energie on things I am not really into. At the moment I have this feeling in particular about my current job training. I know the worth of having a solid education but I have just not the desire to grind out the office life longer then I have to. Even I not realy care about this topic anymore I will try to put in some study time from now on for my final exams this summer.
Anyway before this here will get a life tilt rant I just stop it for now and safe it for another post in the future lol. 

Time for talking about Poker now!

At first a short recap of my month. I went on a nice upswing at 25nl the first few days of February. I felt pretty good about my game at this point and I hit the target in my BR for shot taking 50nl. I had a so so start but after some other spew sessions this month I brought "The Poker Mindset"to finaly help myself fixing my mental leaks. I did not finished this book yet but from what I already read it is a realy good one. Maybe I will make a book review here once  I read through it. Otherwise my confidence is growing from session to session. It just seems the improvments I made are paying divides even there is still a lot of work to do. Besides this I brought a sweet new 25.5" monitor for my grinding. It is just great to have such a big monitor. I can see all stats without problems but at the same time the tables have a good size and I can pretty easy 9 tabling with a tile/stack layout. On top of that I brought althoug a new Mod for the cards, chips and table. The style is nothing else but top notch and way better than the standard stuff on Full Tilt in my opinion. And last but not least FT gave one of the random boni which was for me $50. So with the hit you get on your RB it is still a free $34. I like free money and already cleared the bonus (just needed a few thousands hands for that). Finally some graphs:

So my results for February are the following:
[ ] Stay calm and focused everytime you play.
Besides this one day I was pretty near to archive this goal.
[ ] Take shots at NL50.
In fact I am for the moment a NL50 reg. Cool thing.
[ ] Play 20k hands. 75% at NL25 and 25% at NL50.
Meh another close one. Since I was not able to play most of the time at the weekends I failed to archive this one even by not that much. At least I played a lot more NL50 then NL25 lol.
[x] Get at least Silver in the Iron Man Challenge.

So what is coming up this month? A lot I can say!

In the spot light is of course my further improvement as a player and getting used to NL50. This means working on some theorey but although putting a decent amount of hands in. There is no better way than just playing, playing and more playing. This together with focusinng on some mental stuff should make it possible for me to performe a lot better at the tables this month.

Although this month:

Prop bet: This month I am back in the "low volume" prob bet for both the $50 and the $100 pool. So with a total of $150 on the line I am feeling even more motivated to go for a nice amount of volume. I realy like to organize these bets and in some way I find it cool that they are even a bit popular in the forum now.

Mini-FTOPS: The next series of Full Tilts Tournaments series is in the air. With my tournament back ground it is still fun for me to play a few of them from time to time. And there is of course still the dream of this one big score! My performance in the last Mini-FTOPS was at best mediocre. So this time it is hopefuly a bit better. Here a quick overlook about my shedule. I would like to play some more events but given my work/school shedule and the difference in time zones (+6 hours) that is simply not possible. So here it is:

# 04 Event: $20 + $2 NL Hold 'em 1 rebuy and 1 add-on $300k GTD ( March 12th 13:00 ET)
# 07 Event: $10 + $1 NL Hold 'em Rebuy $350k GTD (March 13th 15:00 ET)
# 18 Event: $20 + $2 NL Hold 'em Cashout $60 GTD (March 18th 18:00 ET)
# 23 Event: $10 + $1 PLO Rebuy $150k GTD (March 20th 15:00 ET) 

And at the end my goals for March:

[ ] Work your way through "The Poker Mindset".
Not just read it but learn and apply the concepts from it!
[ ] Play at least 28k hands.
That should be doable while playing 90-120 minutes per day 9 tabling. Before I start 12 tabling i just want to see I can win over a somewhat decent sample size.
[ ] Get Iron Man.
That will be the first month I try to do this. But with the volume I am planing to play this should be no problem. I just have to watch out I play at least the 25 days I need to and can still take 6 days off pokerwise.
[ ] Perform good at the Mini-FTOPS
No profit goal or such things. I will buy in most of them with points so it is a bit like free rolling. I will just try to play my best and maybe I can make some deep run. When I play good but bust out of the money... Well, nothing I can do and the variance in 6k+ starter fields is just sick.

I see this is already way too long again so I just wrap it up at this point.

May the grind be with you in March!

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