Friday, April 2, 2010

March Review / April Preview

A bit late for this but I had no time yesterday so here is it now.

Like said in the last blog I got on a downswing in the second half of the month which destroyed a good start into the month. But it is nothing I did not seen before and I knew that sometime this year my first downswing in 2010 have to come. That is just the nature of the game. Like said before just the timing was not really great. I thought about putting in a hughe session at Wendsday to have the small chance to finish above $0 for the month but... Well, just let say sometimes in life it doesn`t go like planed. And I have to admit it would have been a sick grind with a pretty low chance for success. So I lost on the top the $150 in prop bets but that is the way it goes sometimes.

So lets have a look now how I did in March:

[ ] Work your way through "The Poker Mindset".
I have to say thats it is a really good book and maybe I will write a book review about it in the next future. It definitively helped my approach to the game and pointed a few points out I never thought of before. But I think I do not practice everything from it so I will reread it at some point for sure.
[X] Play at least 28k hands.
I am a bit proud of this since I never played so many hands before in one month.
[ ] Get Iron Man.
Fail. I missed it by one day which kinda sucks. I wished it would be on a monthly base like the VIP system at Stars fro example since I made overall a lot more points then 25 x 200 you need fro Iron Man. I think I made like ~8k points.
[X] Perform good at the Mini-FTOPS
I am happy with my play and that is all what matters. It would be cool for sure when I made a big score on those but nothing you can do when the cards just do not fall your way. And I made a tiny profit which is better than nothing.

In total March was not a month I am really happy about but at the same time it was not that bad. I played good most of the times and  variance is just a part of the game we call Poker.  It would be wrong to reduce  the whole month just to its result since its a marathon for sure.

That said I have definitively to work on my game to archieve the goals I set myself for the year. It is alreaydy 1/4 of the year gone and I am not anywhere near to reach them. Maybe I have to rethink some of them. But we will see.

I have no real goals for April besides playing at least 28k hands again and just keep improving at my game.   I have vacations until the 11th so there should be hopefully some time to put soem voule in while revamping my game.

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  1. best of luck with your game and hope you achieve them!!! keep it up!!!