Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shot taking, bragging and other stuff

Hello together,

I think it is time for a little update about my month so far. First to say it is a pretty busy one. I started another low volume prob bet in last minute (on February 1st) after some people asked me to do so even I will not participate in it this month. I was just not sure if I would be able to put in 25k or more hands this month. In review maybe a mistake. And low volume is a bit of an understatment as there are some people comitting themself to 100k or more hands (we have one in for 400k hands!). So I was pretty busy the first few days with that but I like to organize these prob bets and I wish everybody in it GL!

But even with little time to play I started great into February. I was a quick ~5BI up after three short sessions. So I decided to try NL50 out on last Thursday. I got a sweat from a well known and respected 2+2er who was very helpful with pointing out the differences between NL25 and NL50. One week later I am doing okay but not great at NL50. The adjusting progress just cost me some money. But I will be honest and admit that I although made some dumb plays. So overall I could do so much better at the moment. But well, mistakes happens and will happen in the future, too. Especially when you start to wonder why you get two or three times more 3betted preflop or get paranoid they play back at you in every single pot lol. Nothing I can do besides to learn from them and not repeat them the next time.

On a related note I made at Thuesday a coaching deal with another known 2+2er. I have great respect for his approach to Poker and he is a nice guy, too. So I think it will be great for me to have him as my coach and I am sure he can help me a lot to beat NL50 and above.

Yesterday I got my new monitor. It is a sweet 25.5" (odd size I know lol) one. Realy bigger then I thought it will be but I am very happy with it. I got it for €267 shipping included (that is around $367). So its a pretty decent prize for this size and the quality seems to be good, too. My old monitor which is a 19" one will now be used as secondary monitor for chatting, browsing, etc while I am playing. The only thing I have to do now is to make a good layout when I am playing. The Full Tilt software makes the tables way too small when I choose the tile option. They are then at the smallest possible size while there is still space left on the screen lol. So I have to resize them manually. I want to play up to 12 tables when I feel comfortable at NL50. Maybe too much for tile them withouth great overlap so I have to see if I can stack them maybe in a good way.

I think thats it for now. I know everyone has a great February so far.



  1. Bit of advice. don't browse/chat on IM when playing!! it will decrease your winrate a fair ammount. I am guilty of this and feel the need to refresh 2+2 every 10mins on my 2nd monitor but it certainly doesn't help my game and i wish i had the will power to never do it.

  2. Thanks for your advice. You are right that it can be destracting to have a second monitor. But I find it pretty helpfull to have AIM/skype there to chat with some people about hands I played during the session. And my table selection program is although open on that screen.
    But you are def right about the 2+2 thing so I try to keep it closed during my sessions^^