Sunday, January 31, 2010


On the verge of my twenty-second birthday I want to take a few minutes to look at where I am at. In the last year I have gotten back into poker / been serious about it for the first time in my life. While I never dwell on decisions, there have definitely been moments where I have wondered why I choose to make life more difficult than it has to be.

I think this is supposed to be some sort of turning point, or that one is forthcoming. The one where the light switch turns on and my chronic underachieving and general apathy turns into focus. The focus though, cannot be artificial, I know it must come from wanting to better myself, not wanting things. Many of the people I know and used to look up to, I now realize fall into the latter half, funny how they can achieve something I want with reasons I think are completely wrong.

Anyways, this is a poker blog.

For myself, though poker is a game where improvement should come every time one thinks about it, I really seem to have plateaus somewhat in my development. Sort of like my graph, slightly over b/e then a jump... rinse, repeat. I know what I feel are the big jumps, are actually a culmination of ranging improvements, but being able to 3b flops, flat c/r and raise turns etc take a good deal of confidence to follow through with.

January was a good month. Did not play until like the 23rd ran hot as hell made 4k, hoping run good continues.

- February Goals -

100k hands.
+4pt wr.
workout every once in a while.


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