Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Business like usual?!

I just ended one of my probably longest sessions I ever played. I played over 3.5 hours straight for a cool 2.2k hands. Unfortunately I finished it down 1.5 BI which put me break even for the day since I played a shorter session earlier where I won 1.5BI. I am bit upset about this since in the second session I got more than my fair share of AA and KK and although flopped great with some other hands. But every tiem I had it I got no action but got out drawn a pretty awesoem amount of the time. At least I reached my goal for the day which was playing 3k hands.
I did not play all Eastern cause family stuff and it was time to get back on track!

Even I am running a bit better than in the second half of March I still got more then my fair shares for bad beats/coolers. I do not want to complain too much about variance since this is nothing I can control. But when I am looking at my results at NL50 I can not be too happy. I played over 45k hands break even. This is a small sample size and not only variance is the reason for this. A fair share of it is although bad play i.e. spew and some tilt. It is not that NL50 is not beatable but it seems that I am maybe missing some points to beat it in the long run. But then again I remember I needed like 60k hands before I figured out how to beat NL25. Maybe I am just a slow learner lol.

One thing I will maybe do is to move down to NL25 to grind it a bit out. I am still well rolled for NL50 but I am a bit annoyed of the games and my results in them at the moment. I just need a string of winning sessions again to feel better about my game again. And therefore NL25 is probably the right play ground for this.

At the end a funyn hand from last Thursdays:

Full Tilt Poker $50.00 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players - View hand 627606
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BB: $51.85
UTG: $50.75
UTG+1: $52.75
UTG+2: $47.00
Hero (MP1): $64.10
MP2: $61.75
CO: $65.10
BTN: $54.70
SB: $50.00

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is MP1 with 7 of spades 7 of diamonds
2 folds, UTG+2 raises to $1.25, Hero calls $1.25, MP2 calls $1.25, 1 fold, BTN calls $1.25, 2 folds

Flop: ($5.75) 8 of spades J of spades 9 of spades (4 players)
UTG+2 checks, Hero checks, MP2 bets $1.00, BTN calls $1, UTG+2 folds, Hero calls $1

Turn: ($8.75) 2 of diamonds (3 players)
Hero checks, MP2 checks, BTN checks

River: ($8.75) T of spades (3 players)
Hero bets $5.00, MP2 raises to $10, BTN folds, Hero raises to $61.85, MP2 calls $49.50 all in

Final Pot: $127.75
Hero shows 7 of spades 7 of diamonds
MP2 mucks 6 of spades 6 of clubs
Hero wins $122.40
(Rake: $3.00)

So here I call preflop to set mine vs a pretty unknown guy. The flop call is maybe a bit debatable but I have a inside straight flush draw and therefore awesome implied odds since it is likely some one is drawing to the ace high flush. And there is a small chance although a offsuit ten or a seven is good here. I do not think MP2 nor the BTN has a strong hand here like since MP2 would propbaly bet here bigger and BTN would raise here with a set. I am pretty happy it is checked behindme on the turn and I can draw here for free. On the river I hit gin and decided to bet out hopping to get raised from the ace high flush or even the king high flush. And there is a chance he he/they are still caliign with a smaller flush to look me up. When someone has the Queen of spades here it would be pretty sick but no way I lay down my hand here.
MP2 is nice enough to raise my even it is only a min raise. I decided against to 3bet here but just shipped here since he will ever call here with the ace of spades here and probably every time with the King of spades. He insta called here and showed the 6 high flush (!)..... Pretty nice from him to level him self into a call.

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  1. nice job putting in your goal for hands!!!! keep it up and always play your A game!!!