Friday, April 16, 2010

Halftime month report March

Ok, so here is something new I want to introduce: I will write every month a halftime report for the month where I will give an update of how I am doing so far in that particular month. I think that is a good way to keep track for myself and the few out there who are really interested in what I am writing here lol.

So while this should give a good overlook about current results I do not want to stress myself or anybody else too much about short term results. I am reading a lot of poker blogs (~20 at the moment) and I always dislike to some point the short term ramblings in them. Nothing wrong with rambling about the latest downswing but those "I played yesterday a session and ended 2BI down after 800 hands. So so sick!" entries are not really that interesting since guess what? That happens to all of us more or less every day! We play a game which is all the long term. And with long term I mean long term. Hundred of thousands of hands. Period. Maybe a post about this topic in more length a bit later.

So here we go finally with my halftime report for April. Nothing too much exciting happend since my last blog. I am up another 1.5BI which puts me up for a total of ~12BI up for the month. So far my win rate (WR) is around 5.9BB (Big Bets) for the month which is obviously not sustainable in the long run... I would be happy to beat the games at 3-4BB at one point! Of course I take this high WR as long as it will last especially since I played a bit fuzzy the last two days. At least I had the feeling I did. Seems like I have to replay some hands to see if I really played a bit odd in a few spots.

The only thing which really sucks is my volume so far.... only 10.4k hands! That is a shy ~3.6k hands behind pace for the prop bet this month (aiming 28k hands whit 9 tabling again). I will for sure not fail again and donate another $150 like last month. It is time to stop being lazy and getting some more hands in! So I have to play each day from now on ~1.2k hands to finish the month with at least 28k hands. This should be not too difficult!

On the final exams front I got the "invitation" to it yesterday with the post. They are split between 11st and 12nd May. On 11st the so called "open part" will be written. That means you get a bunch of questions about project managment and have 3.5 hours to answer them. This part will counts 40% to the end note of the graduation. On 12nd the two other parts are will be written: economics & social studies and marketing. Each test will last 60 minutes and counts 20% to the end note. The good thing is they are both multiply choice so is it a lot easier to handle than the first part!

The last 20% is for the verbal test which will take place approximately 6 weeks after the written part. I have pretty much a lock on the economics & social studies part. I got this Monday in a simulated test around 94.5% and that without learning. So I will and have to concentrate more or less full on project managment but is so incredible boring!

I think thats all for the moment but stay tuned for the things that will come!


  1. theahs some wicked repotting heah :-P

  2. Isn't the word you are looking for "report"? I just figured you were typing with a Boston accent.

  3. Haha, just found what you mean. No sir, I have no Boston accent... in fact I am not even from the US^^

  4. Ah, well, I only meant to chide you before one of your American co-bloggers pointed out your misspelling. However, I didn't realize until just now, after scrolling back through the blog, that you are apparently the last man standing. If there was a blogging "last longer bet" I'd advise you collect it! Now that I come to think of it, I can't even tell you the last time I saw Nat or Crzy at the tables, but I suppose they could have moved up while I was slumming back down at 25NL....

  5. That was a good idea from you. Haha yeah, I am really the last man standing here. I am not too sure what limit they play at the moment but I know Crzy is oversea now and has not that much time to play.