Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chillin` like a villain is over again

My vacations are over in a few hours which is obviously not that good. I had a great but pretty uneventful time. I splited my time mainly between Poker and Assassins Creed 2 for my xBox (got it last weekend). I am nearly halfway through it and it is a very good game so far. A lot of the annoying of part 1 got removed or is just way better. The only thing I am not really love is the bunch of Jump and Run you have to do but that is just me since I am just not too much into that.

Poker was just a blast since my last blog. I managed to make 10 BI in maybe 3k hands which is just awesome. It seems like I am running on the other side of variance again but I think my play was pretty good, too. But then again Poker is so much easier to play when the cards just fall your way everytime.

When the heater is on it is in my opinion paramount to remember there is always spots to improve your game. It is just so easy to forget about that while running good since the money just rolls in your account even you are leaking in one or in another part of the game. And there is always room to improve. Poker is not a static game so even we assume someone is playing perfect now that doesnt mean he can beat the game endlessly. At least not when he doesnt pay attention to the state of the game. It is just important to be always a step ahead of the rest of the field. The time flies by and prior secret moves which are becoming general wisdom. So everybody are doing them at one point and the own edge is getting smaller. Of course it is not like everybody is doing it means everybody is doing it right so its a bit hard to say how smaller the edge is really getting.

With this in mind I am really psyched about Poker at the moment. I just enjoy to play and finding those parts of my game where I can improve and although adding a few moves to my repertoire. I think I am on a good way to beat NL50 for a good clip since I just see so many mistakes at the tables every day. In review it is pretty funny to think about me being a bit afraid about the "unbeatable" limit NL50 when in fact it is not really that much harder tahn NL25. The regs are for sure a bit better and the preflop action is a lot more aggressive. But there are a lot of fish out there and a lot of the regs are just meh (later post).

On a side note I have to stop being lazy when it comes down to my final exams. They are in exactly one month and so far I did exactly zero for them. I think I have pretty much a lock in them but it can not hurt to do a bit for them. Even I will not care too much about the results I want a decent graduation. It is always good to something to fall back on even when I am hopping to go pro at the latest in January 2011. But only time will tell if I have really what it takes to go this way.

I hope everybody has a good month!

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