Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pilot Post

Hello All,
I've been wanting to blog since the beginning of the year,but I've never put any effort into starting it.Out of the Blue,comes crzytimes on the idea of sharing a blog with other poker players(Thanks Andrew on it).So with that,is how I got into my 1st post running.

Poker History:
I've been wanting to play poker since young,but i never got the chance.Well,growing up in a country like Malaysia has its limitations.Things are just generally more passive in Asia.Therefore chances like this doesnt come along.Malaysia Poker Boom didnt come on Chris Moneymaker's win but more of a like Jerry Yang's win.

Now that I'm in Germany,studying.That learning curve came by.It all started with a small play money home game,and then i got introduced to High Stakes Poker.I got hooked,and i never looked back from then on.For about 6 months-1year,all i played was home games which i crushed game by game by simply watching HSP.Luckboxing all the way i guess

So i started with a $10 dollar depost on Stars(fuck the $600 deposit!!!) middle of last year,and i was grinding 2NL and 5NL for about a month before i start on SNG for about 6 months.I bought books and read some strategy posts online about cash games and sng to help with my progress.After a while,i realised that SNG was a bitch,and you dont earn shit unless you go sky high.

To keep my poker history short.I jumped into cash games and started crusing on 25NL 6max and 50NL 6max(doomswitch at 50NL).So i started hopping into FR,although at 1st ,i fucking thought,how fucking boring is this(9 fucking handed),then i somehow started opening 24 table-since its wasnt worth the wait playing 1 table).I realised how much fun from then on.Only then i discovered 2+2.I kept reading but never joined the site till like 2 months ago.

Now I can be found tangling with other regs on 25NL and 50NL FR Stars.
This sounds like fun eh-blogging?Putting your thoughts into a notepad post!
Thats it for now

Thanks for reading,
take it easy


  1. hey easy,

    nice story, interesting to see how different everyone's background is. I always feel like there is some assumption that there is a stereotypical poker player, and yet within our chat we have quite a diverse group of individuals.

    run good,