Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moving into 100nl, getting a blog.

As I have recently discovered, poker is an enigma. There are days where we swear we are destined for stardom, and then hours later feeling like all the air in the world wouldn't be enough to get us feeling fresh again.

My mission in starting this blog is to get whatever one is feeling out at that certain time. Poker is a game of information and knowledge, yet it is a game that rides the emotional coaster better than anything else. You may have a nugget of knowledge one day, and forget it in the excitement the next. Hopefully this blog will serve as a method of getting out what you want to say, be it an interesting theory, getting your thoughts on a hand out, or just posting about your recent downswing.

Mostly I will be trying to chronicle my rise [or fall] through the ranks, and getting as many thoughts on paper as I can after a session.

Hopefully we get some authors on this blog, if you are browsing and would like to join, just shoot me an email.

May you all run good,

Andrew Gambino


  1. Looking good :) Hopefully this provides us with motivation to improve and help each other out!

  2. I'll make sure to add it to my blogroll. maybe you could add mine?

  3. A Perfect Idea for those lazy grinder who thought about blogging but never started it!
    With good motivation,this blog will help us proceed to LSNL-MSNL-HSNL!