Monday, November 30, 2009

Month summary & next month goals

Alright, November has been the best month for me in my 1+ year of playing cards. Some people will tell me I've been on a super-heater or something and I guess I've been a bit. I also think those results are due to the fact that I read 2p2 everyday and post mostly everyday in strategy posts which helps me in figuring out some spots and thinking about spots.

During the month I've been 6-12 tabling strictly depending on table selection and how I felt about my game at the time I start a session. I've also tried mixing up levels, at the beginning of the month I played strictly 25NL, after I've won a couple of BIs I included some 50NL tables. At the end of the month I was playing 50NL and included several 100NL tables.

I played some SnG during the month too when I don't feel like 'grinding' but more like playing cards for entertainment.

Here's my November:



(I know I'm running hot with sets :P)

My next month's goals maybe won't make sense but whatever I'll just state them anyway..

[ ] Become a regular at 100NL
[ ] Take shots at 200NL if BR permits it at some point
[ ] Finish reading Professional No Limit Hold'Em
[ ] Make at least 1K next month
[ ] Play 30K hands and try to hit Platinum
[ ] Sweat 2 people ( General Johnson already has a reserved spots here :P )
[ ] Get sweated


  1. Super solid showing Yannick.

    One suggestion I would have is to learn to play more tables. It really does improve that hourly, even though it drops the sexy WR. Not to mention FPPS !!!

  2. sick winrate yannick and nice varience free graph!

    like josh said, try to keep playing the upper end of how many tables you can play (10-12) just so you get the feel of it. after a while you will have no trouble at all and can start adding in more tables to sessions 1 at a time.

    if you wanna sweat me sometime just msg me, although i play super nitty compared to you and don't really have too much to say about hands :P