Monday, November 30, 2009

November Wrap Up

November has been my worst poker month to date. The first 50k hands of the month looked really good as I cut tables (and volume) to focus on improving my game - heatering for like 12k hands midway did not hurt either. All indications pointed to a strong month with a solid 2.5+ptbb winrate. However, such is poker and nothing in poker is guaranteed as the last 20k hands I played this month have been some of the most painful to date. The all-in luck analyzer in HEM is not a good indication of the luck in poker... but it's certainly a start. As you can see, the divergence is pretty painful.

Without further adieu, results:

Post run-bad the month looks like .5ptbb at 50NL. While a lot of this can be attributed to running bad, my NSD were still terrible for most of the month (leaking monies!!). Near the end of the month I started to improve, but not enough to counterbalance the runbad.

As a result of running awful, I decided to take a break from poker for Thanksgiving until Friday Dec 4th. I've really enjoyed my time away from the game, and have been spending time preparing for a very difficult actuarial exam (Exam 2 - Financial Mathematics) which I will take Friday. Generally, it is suggested to study 100 hrs for every hr of the test. This test is 3.5 so I should have studied 350 hours... I've probably done half so prospects for passing are not great. Hopefully, I can put in some solid volume (lol!) into studying and pull this one out.

As far as poker goes, I will most likely return to the game this coming weekend at some point and I've decided to put some volume in at 25NL so I can show some profit. I also want to add some more aggression to my game, so I can practice finding the right targets at 25NL (although I expect to lol in pain when no one folds their over-pairs).

Back to the books for me... hope everyone is doing well!


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