Thursday, November 26, 2009


And finally the first post from me.

My poker history in a nutshell:

I started with Poker in November 2007. Till summer 2008 I blow some small rolls because of missing BRM and tilt issues. At this time I decided to take Poker more seriously since it sucks for me to be a semi-clue less tilt monkey. I concentraded mainly on SNG where I was somekind decent I guess.
But in the summer this year I got the feel that they are already to much explored and the edge in todays game is pretty slim.
So I moved to the Cash games at the end of July. Since then I play NL25 FR on Full Tilt.

So far I am still struggling with it but I have the hope to be able to beat the game somewhen in the near future. So this blog is a good way to records my progress in the Poker world.


P.S.: In case you find spelling and/or grammar mistakes you can keep them since I am not a native english speaker :D

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