Monday, November 30, 2009

November Review / December Goals

Latley I feel pretty ok about my game after I cut my tables from 8 to 4. But yesterdy I got totally hammered on the tables and booked an awful -5 BI session over 1.2k hands.

Here is my month overall

Seems like I have still a lot of work to do before I can beat NL25.

December Goals:

[ ] Have finally a winning month (before RB)

[ ] Play 25k hands.

[ ] Improve overall as player ( posting hands, reading COTW, etc.)

[ ] Table select as good as I can.

I wish you all an awesome December at the tables and in life.



  1. u seem to rly need to fix ur redline.
    why dont u focus on that ?

  2. I put my red line under #3 for myself. You are right, my red line is really bad...

    Any suggestions what I can do?