Friday, December 11, 2009

Blogs and More

Hey Guys,

Its been sometime.Gotta remind myself to update it every week or so.It's great to write sometime instead of mashing the check,fold,raise,call and arrrriiiinnn buttons!

Been playing a lot in the month of October and November at 50NL,but i had to make a big withdrawal for real life.I've gotta to eat,right?So i had to drop down to 25NL to grind it out,and i have to grind BIG,as i want to push myself back to 50NL in January.I'm pretty glad i made the drop as it made me a better player,i think!I'm not going to explain a lot about it,but its just a gut feeling that i learn a whole lot more in terms of Full Ring.I'm in the 100k prop bet for this month and I'm at 50k hands as of today.I probably need to grind out 5k hands per day the next 10 days or so.I could be grinding less with 20 days to go,but I'm taking a week off for Xmas holidays.I'm heading to Dubai to visit my dad.I'm pretty excited about the trip as I have never been to this part of Asia and it will be a good time to take some time off from grinding.

As for the goals for December(it's a bit late,but what the hell).
I'm planning for
a) 100k hands 25NL FR
b)4ptbb hopefully
c)2-3k including rakeback.(the most important)
d)Finish up reading on 2 poker books
e)Finish up Coaching Tree S1 again(i could probably finish this during my flight to Dubai)
-takes about 11 hours including a stop at Doha

2nd-Blogs and more Blogs.
I read blogs almost every other day,but only poker blogs.Stuff from Phil Galfond,Card Runners,Deuces Cracked and others to name a few.The stuff they post is pretty inspirational.The last blog from Phil Galfond and Cole South were pretty good.Not going to say much from it,but you guys should read it.Everything should be balanced.Poker,Life,being happy and so on.Good stuff imo.

So,Im studying in Germany and I'm quitting my degree after approx 3 years here.Well,long story short!It's tough!I'm studying Electrical Engineering at the moment,and i hate it,i seriously fucking fucking fucking fucking hate it.There's a lot of factors why i hate it,but people would be really asking,why did I study it in the 1st place,right?Well a) I thought i would like it,seeing how science was my shit back in high school,b) My country's Education System is so fucked up,that it makes us think that Science is good,and being in the Business is bad.What I should have done,is to quit earlier,but no!It didnt really hit my mind to quit after the 1st year,because it wasnt so bad.As time passes by,it just got worst and worst,and I've come up to a point where enough is enough!

Well,i could go on and try to finish it up like a robot but it could take some time.At the end of the day,I'm just so tired of it and i need a new start.As for the factors

a)The University where I'm at,is so bad especially my faculty(fellow students,professors,lecture halls,environment and etc is just purely bad)
b)Language is pretty hard
c)Life here is pretty bad overall and I am very unhappy at the state of which I am in right now(I hate of what I've become studying here)
d)Culture,Food,and People really depends on personal preferences,so I'm not going to delve into it.

As for the new start.I'm going to take up a Finance Degree in the States.I believe that this degree is my thing and i will definitely excel in it!No doubt about it.As for when?I am planning to start studying in September(Spring Quarter,and if not Winter Quarter).As for where?I am not sure yet,I'm still looking around on which University to go.Studying for a Degree in the States is so fucking expensive,and with me being out of state,is like a poker player running -50 BI below EV.I am going to grind so hard that I cant even see clearly for the next 6 months to finance my own degree.So I'm basically withdrawing everything for my studies and I believe that this will be the most profitable thing for me to do for the next 5-10 years.It's going to be hard and long,but it's the best option for me right now.

Well,it's a fucking long post.Thanks for reading!
Run gooootttt people!


  1. good luck with your new goals buddy ! I hope you can find more joy in your new field!

  2. best of luck sir. that's tough having to quit after 3 years to basically start again. i have switched my major a few times. and now i have 2 and i still have ZERO idea of what i want to do. oh well.

    good luck.

  3. I don't know if college kids these days still hang funny posters up in their dorm rooms, but I remember one from back in the day where one of the lines read: "MBA=BMW." I really thought this was just a half-true joke until I started hearing about all these Wall Street bonuses. I work with a bunch of EE guys (well, near not with since chip design is not my department) and it is funny to hear one of them spout off about how they dumped out the building elevator's ROM code and think the door/floor/call button logic is all wrong, or when they reprogram the coffee maker to say, instead of grinding beans, crunching frogs -- but, imo, unless you have an earnest desire to actually engineer tangible things for the good of humanity, like the poster says, go get the BMW. Five hundred thou a year will buy a lot of beer! Of course, like the poker boom, all the Wall Street talk means everyone and their mother is probably trying to get a finance degree now, so you never know.... But good luck!

  4. Nice post, GL for your goals and good journey at dubai

  5. I am sorry to read you enjoyed your time here in Germany not that much. I hope you will have a better time in the states and enjoy your study time there more.

    I had a great time in Dubai when I was there 6 years ago (time goes by so quick) and hopefully you will have a great time there, too.

    GL and have a good journey.