Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The end of the year is in sight...Running like garbage

Hey guys so I was intending to update this every week but I didn't quite get around to it. Finals finished off okay and I did fairly well. To poker; So I am going to miss every single one of my goals that I set for myself at the end of the month mainly because finals actually ended up taking time. Which is fine. I usually set goals as something to strive for and then don't mind missing them.

So this month, I am right now as I type up 3k on the tables for the month. This is of course awful. For some reason I am playing 100nl because it is usually quite easy money for me. But wow, I have never truly run bad before as they say. My high for the month was 5k around 2 weeks ago after a nice little heater at 200nl. That daydream of a 5 figure month quickly ended with the subsequent 2k downswing. Having been traumatized by 200nl, I decided to grind out the rest of the month at 100nl. It started off great with me winning at a steady clip and eventually winning back about 1.2k over the next 15k hands. Which is when the run bad started to happen. I then proceeded to lose everything possible in the most ridiculous situations I have ever seen. You name it, I lost it.(well not AAvKK but considering I never got AA in against KK that makes sense, I have however been setmined in 3 and 4bet pots by JJ from 11/8 types about 3 times!)I proceeded to drop 1k. Then two nights ago I thought I finally broke out of my downswing, shipping about 750 in 3 consecutive winning sessions. Then tonight happened. It was painful, brutal. It still hurts. I am currently down $760 in tonight's session. Of that, I am of course the customary $450 below ev, but that does not even include the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. So there you have it, 3 1k+ downswings this month in 80k hands. And I have been spewing less than usual. Let me tell you something folks, this stuff hurts.

I mean I guess the only thing to do is to keep on grinding because I am fairly sure that I am better than 95% of the players at 100nl (arrogance itb(in this blog)). Really I would like to quit for the rest of the year because as I outlined in my 2010 goals I need to play an insane volume but I am still 20k hands short of the 100k prop bet and I really do not like to lose. My intent is to put in back to back 10k hand days and then take the 31st off. Party for new years. And then whenever I wake up on the 1st I will switch to grindcore mode.

Also, something that has been bothering me lately. I have been talking to my brother about other poker networks besides Stars and FTP. Of course the traffic is less on them and the high volume rewards deals are not as good (SNE etc) but the rakeback is great and the games are soft. Apparently some of them also offer special holiday promotions that sound like awesome fucking deals. I was thinking that next year if I do not end up pushing for SNE and stop my play at 700k or 800k I would switch my play to one of the other networks. Or maybe even before those VPP numbers because if I hit 800k not going for SNE seems dumb. Something that goes right along with this is the large amount of money that seems to be available at 6max. Maybe I will contemplate switching. As well as PLO.

So I might as well set goals for January and 2010 now.
[ ] 300k-400k hands
[ ] 15k month
[ ] 20% 200nl, 80% 100nl

[ ] somewhere between 600k-1million vpps
[ ] 150k profit from poker in total
[ ] learn HU/6max/PLO
[ ] do well in classes and find something interesting to do in the summer (suggestions anyone?)
[ ] go to the gym some
[ ] enjoy life and hit up vegas/AC when i turn 21 in March



  1. sick life if you get to 400k hands in jan. have a good newyear and goodluck in 2010.