Saturday, December 12, 2009

Conquering yourself.

Though I haven't played too much this week, I feel quite happy with myself. It always sounds silly when I hear the ole 'everything happens for a reason,' and I chuckle at the young girls justifying themselves with it. I can definitely see the real value in the statement though, you are who you are because of what has happened to you, and of course you should be happy with who you are.

My last few months have been anything but smooth sailing, but I could not really see it playing out in a better way. Without question I get the most out of losing sessions, searching for the spots I can improve on, and my game continues to get better for it.

After being what I think was a marginal favorite @100 for the early part of the month, and watching my redline plummet, I finally retooled my game and things are looking a whole lot better. Half of the battle may have been realizing that the regs @100 aren't for the most part good, but rather are better than the regs @50 at exploiting some common leaks.

So I feel pretty confident in my game, now I need to learn to really apply myself to playing. Talking with a friend of mine last night, he suggested setting goals / scheduling your days. As a successful person himself, I believe that trying this may help me, though I cannot be motivated by feeling 'as a failure,' so hopefully something else with goals can motivate me. If anyone has any suggestions on motivation, I would love to hear it !

Run good guys !


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