Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Results, New year goals

December has been a tough month poker wise, I really wanted to make platinum star and started 12 tabling 50nl. I did that for half the month and I wasn't doing really good. I then dropped the number of tables to 8 .. and I may soon drop that number to a big 6 and work on my game (because yes, I am still overrolled for the level) a bit more before attempting 12 tabling that level.

December results:
  • Down 12 BI at 50nl
  • Donked a BI at 100pl PLO
  • Won 20c on PKR as a tilt management mesure (I have a roll now there bitches!)
  • [ ] Made platinum
  • [X] Made gold star
  • [X] Got coaching
  • [/] Read part of my books I had to read
  • [ ] Pass all my class (fuck)
Can't remember the others and I'm too lazy to look them up.

January goals:
  • Focus more on school
  • [ ] Win at 50NL
  • [ ] Get a session review by my coach
  • [ ] Read again in my poker books
  • [ ] Be nice to goose
The graph:

I think most of it is some run bad, except for the 100 at PLO. Let's play some solid poker next month!

Happy New Year !