Monday, December 7, 2009

Introduction, November, Looking Forward, Life

Hi, my name is Josh and I am a junior at NYU studying Physics and English. No, they have nothing to do with each other. I have almost no direction in life, and at this exact moment I don't think I really mind that much. A blog serves a dual purpose, one of self-reflection and one of education of our readers. I think that the former should most definitely supersede the latter. But this is irrelevant and I seem to be prone to ramble. Onto business.

I started playing poker and found the uNL forums of 2p2 sometime around April of this year.
I post as Vanguard on the forums. The forums have truly helped me become good at what I do and enabled me to reach a point where I could write my own entry to the vital COTW (Concept of the Week) series. I am currently a reg somewhere in between 100nl and 200nl full ring who is trying to gear up (pad my roll) for a Supernova Elite (SNE) run next year at 200nl. This grueling feat is well worth it monetarily but is extremely trying both mentally and emotionally. With SNE and table winnings I hope to net somewhere in the neighborhood of 150k+ in earnings.

November was a decent month for me with respect to poker. I made about 3.3k on the tables and nearly 2k in rakeback all while receiving coaching from petteytheft for my move to 200nl. This was crucial due to my mental block with respect to moving up. I also learned a few things. Despite this essentially tying my best month with respect to earnings, I am very disappointed because this was the first month where the tilt monster reared its ugly head. I ended up tilting off about 3k which obviously is quite a significant sum of money. Live and learn I suppose. This is my November graph.


December is supposed to be a big month for me. I need to get my roll to where I want it to be for 200nl SNE run. What I want is about 15k. At the moment I have 8.5k in cash, and 160k fpps. Basically I want to buy a 4k bonus, clear it, and hit the 200k milestone, all while staying at mainly 100nl grinding out my usual 2.5ptbb or 3ptbb. I have fallen way behind on hands needed for that because of school, but this was expected. Once I complete my last final on December 22nd, I am going to move into grindcore mode. With one week done I made about 900 on the tables. After going up a quick 1200 I have been basically break even with a small downswing over this past weekend. Games have been awful with people chasing bonuses. I hope game get better but whatever, I can beat nits. Wish me luck!!!



  1. gl Vang, hope I can see you seen at 200nl ;)

  2. gl man, its gonna be very hard to reach SNE next year!

    im guessing you have looked into how many hands it will take per month to reach it?

    i read ronfar saying towards the start of the year he was playing 300k hands of 100nl a month. whats your highest volume month been and did you get burnt out?

  3. i intend to burn out. obviously i need less hands at 200nl then he did at 100nl but i am not going for a straight smooth grind because of school. i intend to put up an enormous january because of winter break and then a sort of slow february and then a large spring break and then a slow april may. a big summer etc.