Sunday, December 20, 2009


Have a few thoughts that I needed to get out there

1. I need to be mod of the unl stars reg thread
2. Martin has to be some collaborative gimmick account, nobody can be that stupid.
3. I need to put in about two 500k months next year if i want to get SNE.
4. I need to be mod of the unl stars reg thread.
5. Jab, that post is entirely too long and i'm not reading it

-future mod


  1. Taking bold stands on 2+2 is a better way to get banned than to make mod, so good luck with that Goose. ;-)

    I'll take a bold stand and suggest your user name reminds me of this and just see how far that gets me. Not that there's anything wrong with that! :-P

  2. Goose, I'd really like to artificially inseminate your bum not so artificially.

    Also, I think you'd make a good mod.

    And furthermore, I do not think Martin is a level - he's this kid: