Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January and Travel

Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I updated.January as usual,is not good Poker-Wise.I'm running bad and playing bad as well.Nothing I can do on the former,but lots of things I could do on the latter.I'm not gonna whine about the number of set over set I have encountered this month,because it's just plain retarded.Lots of things I can do regarding the latter.

I've been grinding too much for my level and not doing anything about it.Just plain grinding which is bad.This week,I'm gonna start reviewing my session and discuss about it within the forums and the chatroom.I am guilty of not doing anything much about improving my game in terms of watching videos and reading strategy posts as well.So I gotta pick up on that this week.Mostly this is due to Time-Management.I am not using my time efficently.My sleep schedule is different from week to week,and I'm pretty sure I do useless things when I'm awake apart from grinding.I'm definitely gonna write up something about time management on a piece of paper.

On to the Travel Topic.2010 is going to be a good year for me in terms of Travel.Hopefully,I'll be able to visit lots of interesting places.Before heading back to Asia this summer,I am planning to see Paris,Lisbon,Barcelona and Italy.I will need to grind really hard to afford this trips.
Its not gonna be cheap.I'm gonna stop by Jordan,Syria and also United Arab of Emirates during May as well,then back to Kuala Lumpur(home).On the course of being back in South East Asia,I would like to stop by Borneo Islands,Bali,Thailand,Vietnam and Cambodia.Easy to mention the countries without having the Money!So Poker Gods,do your Job and make me a luckbox or better yet,a donkament win!

All for Now.Thanks for reading.
good luck!

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