Saturday, January 2, 2010

Year end review / Welcome in 2010

So 2009 is over and pokerwise I am not too sad about that.

Of course it was an interesting year and a lot happend. I started with playing Double or Nothing SnG on OnGame before I switched to Poker Stars in early Summer and played there 90man SnG and some Stud Hi. But this was just a pretty short peroid before I made the move to Full Tilt. And after I played there some more Stud Hi and LHE I finally concentrate on FR cash (even I had in September a short visit at 6max) since July.

But December was just a month to forget. My results are okay but could be so much better. But I screwed it up playing awful a.k.a. spewtastic poker. I really never played so worse like I did most of the month. I have not really a clue why I did so but I do not want a month like that again for sure.

At the last week I had to mix in a lot of NL10 to get the volume I needed for the prop bet. The tables at NL25 were just awful. So I made the prop bet even it was very very close at the end and I am happy to split the $300 price pool two ways for a nice little side income.

So lets see now how I did in December overall.

December Goals:

[X] Have finally a winning month (before RB). Even it could be way better like 3.5pt at NL25 and around 4.5-5pt at NL10.

[X] Play 25k hands. Yea and I am happy about that.

[ ] Improve overall as player ( posting hands, reading COTW, etc.) Big Fail

[X] Table select as good as I can. Meh somekind. It is just hard sometimes to do so proper

On the positive site is that my red line is a little bit better. After some great help I found out that I have two major leaks which are the reason for my hughe red line losses. I work hard to fix them now. And I reseted my HUD. Some parts of it are now color coded which helps my game a lot. I although optimized my preflop play a bit and it is now a bit better.

So here are my goals for January:

[ ] Stop spewing!
[ ] Clear $125 Iron Man Year End Bonus
[ ] Play 25k hands
[ ] Improve your red line
[ ] Keep Iron Man Gold status

And here are my goals for 2010:

[ ] 20k in winnings (RB and Boni although count)
[ ] Move up to NL50 until March
[ ] Move up to NL100 until July
[ ] Take shots at NL200 from November on
[ ] Have a positive result overall in tournies
[ ] Learn 6max
[ ] Learn PLO

I know that are pretty big goals but I like to set myself such ones. I believe the only thing which still stops me to excel at Poker is myself. So with the right mnd set and enough hard work I think I have a real shot to reach all these goals.

I wish a happy new year and an awesome 2010 a the tables and in real life to all my co-contributors of this blog and its readers!


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  1. many goals for 2010. but possible ones. gl, gl, gl :)