Sunday, January 17, 2010

January is halfway over.

Hey guys,

Though I have not written in a while, I would like to keep this guy goin forward with all of us. Mostly my lack of posting has been due to my semi-vaca from poker, however this week I finally began my crusade on 2010.

Things have been going quite well, all the adjustments I have really thought out are helping my game significantly. I know FTP is softer @ ssnl, I am hoping the 200 and up games are profitable so not to be forced into early NLH retirement. By all means though I am not trying to get ahead of myself, as almost certainly I can forsee myself getting it handed to me when I move up again, but it would be nice if games stay reasonably profitable for a while :).

Future plans:

50k hands per week till Feb, 2.5+ptwr.
Feb continue on 100, get into 200.
Build roll on stars and hit Nova ASAP.
Learn PLO prob starting @100.
Possible SNE run if good at plo ?

Hope everyone is doing well in 2010 !


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