Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to real life

So I am official back to real life with today being the first office day for me this year . I really enjoined the last three weeks I had vacation. It is just so much better so sleep until noon, then firing up some tables and chatting in the chatroom and/or in the forum and then playing some more poker until hanging out with my GF in the early evening.

But now I am sitting here from 8AM to 4PM again and just hate it lol. I really hope I reach my poker goals this year and can make poker my profession from 2011 on. I can not see myself forever in that soul reaping job I am in at the moment.

Pokerwise this month is pretty meh so far. I am with ~8.9k hands in pace for the prop bet which is good but I am only a bit over break even so far (1/2 NL25 and 1/2 NL10). But after some reallly good sweats (espically the one with andrew ;) ) I have at least a pretty decent idea where my leaks are at the moment. Now I only have to get myself into plugging them the right way.

That will be maybe not that easy because I have simply not that many time to play/study/watch Stox vids like I want to. But well, with a bit time managment I should find some space in my shedule to do so.

On another note I am (and pretty much every other reg I guess) still waiting for Full Tilt to increase the minimum table buy in. They announced to make that happen this month after they failed to make it in December. But I have some doubt we will see this change very soon.



  1. I used to hate my office job too and was actually quite happy when they sacked me for blogging and spending too much time on 2+2!

    Good luck for 2010

  2. Thats is a really sick brag ;) But 2+2 is not avaible from my PC desk lol.

    Thx. GL four you, too!