Saturday, January 23, 2010


January should so far be my best poker month to date. I have put in the most volume I have in one month (thanks to Winter Break!) however I have run like absolute shit for most of the month. I know every poker player likes to think they run the worst - but this has been really awful and frustrating.

Here is the EV graph for the month thus far:

Now I know even EV adj my winrate is not so impressive. My excuse is basically 24-tabling and frustration about running bad. I've also tried to experiement and make some adjustments throughout. I feel overall I can win at 3.5ptbb while playing 16+ tables. This is reflected in the prettier slope near the end of the graph. This is mostly due to a few preflop adjustments I've made recently.

Hope to run better. This is getting old.

Good luck all. Cheers

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