Saturday, January 30, 2010

January Review/February Goals

OK, it is time for my monthly review since I take this weekend off pokerwise. So here it is:

I had a bit of a rough start into this month but nothing really to worry about. After this short episode I caught a very nice upswing. But then I had one session when I went on tilt and blew some BI. It is pretty easy to see in the graph where that happend. But besides that I am happy with January. It is my best month ever at the cash tables so far while my confidence into my game grew slowly but steady this month. Of course I find still enough spots where I did not take the best line.
But instead of being upset with that like in the past I am now excited about the complexity of Cash Game Poker and how there are always spots to improve. So it is a good thing to remember myself that I still have much to learn even I improved a lot this month since I worked really hard on my game. And it is nice too see this work paid itself off.

So here is my graph just for NL25:

The first thing I am really happy about is my red line. It is way better then anytime before even it is still not great. But I find my blue line decent, too. I definitively found the fold button way more often in January in spots where I had to do and therefore stopped my POW magic lol.

And here is my overall graph with the summary of the different stakes:

So I played a bit off NL10 in the beginning of the month since the NL25 tables were so meh most of the time. But after Full Tilt increased the minimum table buy in they are better then anytime before. So no more dime for me next month. The few NL2 hands happend when I rearranged my HUD. But it wasm nice to win a cheeseburger in just 1,5 orbits lol.

My goals for this month were:

[ x] Stop spewing!
Yeah. Besides my tilt session and some minor pay offs I did not spew in January.

[ x] Clear $125 Iron Man Year End Bonus
Ship the free money!

[ x] Play 25k hands

[ x] Improve your red line
It is better but still space to improve.

[ x] Keep Iron Man Gold status
I booked this, too.

So everything more or less achieved and here are the goals for February:

[ ] Stay calm and focused everytime you play.
I caught myself to be mindless and therefore sloppy with my game when I grind sometimes. Since this is a safe route to burn money I need to stop that. I am yet not sure how do achieve that but I will hopefully find a way.

[ ] Take shots at NL50.
I think I am finally at a point where I can try to do so. My bank roll is big enough to make this step and I have no problem to move down again when I fail.

[ ] Play 20k hands. 75% at NL25 and 25% at NL50.
Since February is such a short month and I will play just 4-6 tables when shot taking NL50 compared to the 8 tables I play normally at NL25 that goal seems reasonable.

[ ] Get at least Silver in the Iron Man Challenge.
Looking at the goal above this one seemsmore realistic then aiming another month for Gold.

That was everything for now. I hope you will all have a great month in February and I hope I will have some time/motivation to blog here a bit more then I do at the moment lol.


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